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How to manage a Product Backlog

1. How to manage a Product Backlog

The product manager / product owner is in-charge of creating, managing, and owning the product backlog. In order to manage the items in a product backlog, you need a list of 10 attributes. In this video, Onkar explains what are these 10 attributes that help you effectively manage a product backlog. Managing of the product backlog is a regular exercise to keep the ‘list’ as relevant as possible and aligned with the business drivers and priorities.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Onkar Singh Lohtham

Founder & CPO | Lead Trainer | Digital Skills Mastery

Onkar is one of the most innovative and experienced agile practitioners and trainers in the world. He has helped organisations build £multi-million products/services & win awards. His passion lies in training on ‘how to’ implement unique road map & commercial strategies, manage complex backlogs and lead multi-product agile teams from inception to launch.

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