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Digital Skills Mastery (DSM) is a global digital skills development and career management platform. Our mission is to help you as a digital professional carve your own career path, train on digital skills & concepts, and be coached by industry leaders to achieve your true potential.

Why digital skills are important?
Professionals need to upskill and adapt to the changing jobs market. Their educational degree will only take them so far in their career.
 72% of employers state that they are unwilling to interview candidates who do not have basic IT / Digital skills Ignore the digital skills, its importance & relevance, and you will find it difficult to quickly land in a job of your liking.
Jobs paying less than £30,000 will be five times more likely to be automated than jobs paying over £100,000 Learn the digital skills, leverage it catapult your career to the next level, earn a higher salary and make yourself an integral part of the organisation.

In today’s world, there is a huge opportunity to leverage digital skills to accelerate your career. There has never been a better time to grow your career, if you realise this opportunity. You must upgrade your skills now.


DSM aims to offer each individual a ‘Systematic approach to skills development and career management’.

Our A-T-A-R™ process allows you to ‘Assess’ your current digital skills level. Based on this assessment you can then decide which level and type of ‘Training’ is required for you to succeed in your career. Once you get trained, it is time for you to ‘Apply’ those skills in your company projects. This step helps you transition from theory to practice, which will also increase your confidence and hands-on experience. After applying your learnt skills it’s time to ‘Reinforce’ your learning with additional best practices and coaching.


Onkar Singh Lohtham

‘Digital Skills Mastery’ platform is led by Onkar Singh Lohtham – Founder & CPO of Product Hub Hob (PHH) with over 17 years’ experience in digital product management.

He is one of the most innovative and experienced agile practitioners and trainers in the world. He has helped organisations build £multi-million products/services & win awards. His passion lies in training on ‘how to’ implement unique road map & commercial strategies, manage complex backlogs and lead multi-product agile teams from inception to launch. Onkar has worked across global locations like London, New York, Amsterdam, Dublin, Delhi, and Hong Kong. His domain experience includes Publishing, Financial Services, Fashion, Government services, Commodities, Market research, Online recruitment & Digital.

Onkar has researched on 18+ LIVE projects to create these proprietary models, tools & techniques, which he would be sharing with you in the training. He aims to be a pioneer in combining the ‘Art’ and ‘Science’ of product management that would increase your product’s efficiency and reduce ‘Go-To-Market’ timelines. He regularly blogs on product management, speaks at agile events & conducts corporate training in London, New York & India.

He is a leadership coach and holds Bachelors in Engineering (Distinction, India) and Masters in Business Management (Distinction, UK).

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Himani Tiwary

‘Digital Skills Mastery’ platform is led by Himani Tiwary – Founder & CEO of Product Hub Hob (PHH) with over 15 years’ experience in digital product management.

Himani has been leading global teams to deliver excellent digital products that make lives easier for customers. She has led both business leadership teams (UK, US, Hong Kong, & Switzerland) and offshore teams (Pune, Delhi, Chennai, & Malaysia) over £multi-million projects.

Himani, an Electronics & Communication engineer & MBA, served the corporate world for over 10 years before taking a leap in 2013. She founded MJMR to serve the ‘digital skills development’ space and to make an impact through simple, interactive and results-driven training. She carries an image of a ‘Hands-On’ CEO who is responsible for building the business, and at the same time delivering training globally. Her insight on customers, their personas, user journeys along with a working knowledge of an NLP Coach allows her to impart that education to the candidates.

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