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About Us

Maximise your career potential with DSM

DSM is a global digital skills development and career management platform. Our mission is to help you as a digital professional carve your own career path, train on digital skills & concepts, and be coached by industry leaders to achieve your true potential.

Our values

Learn flexibly online

Develop valuable digital skills with short, online digital courses. Start learning for free, on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Get access to social learning

Share and discuss what you learn with people from all over the world thanks to discussion steps throughout the courses.

Meet digital experts

Grow your skills and knowledge by learning from digital experts across different industries.

Why digital skills your career potential with DSM

Professionals need to upskill and adapt to the changing jobs market. Their educational degree will only take them so far in their career.

Basic Digital skills

72% of employers state that they are unwilling to interview candidates who do not have basic IT / Digital skills. Ignore the digital skills, its importance & relevance, and you will find it difficult to quickly land in a job of your liking.

A decent Salary Level

Jobs paying less than £30,000 will be five times more likely to be automated than jobs paying over £100,000. Learn the digital skills, leverage it catapult your career to the next level, earn a higher salary and make yourself an integral part of the organisation.

In today’s world, there is a huge opportunity to leverage digital skills to accelerate your career. There has never been a better time to grow your career, if you realise this opportunity. You must upgrade your skills now.

Our Process

DSM aims to offer each individual a ‘Systematic approach to skills development and career management’.

Our A-T-A-R™ process allows you to ‘Assess’ your current digital skills level. Based on this assessment you can then decide which level and type of ‘Training’ is required for you to succeed in your career. Once you get trained, it is time for you to ‘Apply’ those skills in your company projects. This step helps you transition from theory to practice, which will also increase your confidence and hands-on experience. After applying your learnt skills it’s time to ‘Reinforce’ your learning with additional best practices and coaching.

Here is everything is you need to know about us

Onkar Singh Lohtham

Product Coach and Lead Trainer at Digital Skills Mastery (DSM)

Hi guys,
I am Onkar, your product coach and lead trainer at Digital Skills Mastery (DSM) – an academy focussed on training digital professionals like you. I am super excited to have you here. My motto is to help you take your digital career to the next level.

For over 19 years, I have worked with organisations across the globe to build multimillion-pound products and services. I have taken on many different roles – from software engineer and business analyst, to product manager and CPO – until I decided with my colleague Himani to start both Digital Skills Mastery (DSM) and Product Hub Hob (PHH). DSM is our global training & coaching academy specialising in digital skills, while PHH is London-based digital product management consultancy.

All this experience informs my understanding of the day-to-day issues you, as digital professionals, encounter in your B2B, B2C and start-up roles. The proprietary models, tools and techniques you will learn on the training programme are all based on real-life case studies from over 20 different high-profile projects I have worked on during my career.

If you are interested, I will be more than happy to share the success blueprint on the practical implementation techniques around product road maps, OKRs, commercial strategies, managing complex backlogs, leading multi-product agile teams and more.

I have combined the ‘Art’ and ‘Science’ elements of product management in our training programmes to help digital professionals like you excel at their work. We implement the same models and tools in product consultancy work with our clients.

My client base ranges from New York to Delhi and Hong Kong to Amsterdam. This has given me great insight into multi-location Agile team-working best practice, something which is now woven into the framework of this programme. I have also been lucky enough to work across a wide number of domains and disciplines, so don’t hold back when it comes to questions. My knowledge covers publishing, financial services, fashion, government services, commodities, market research, online recruitment and digital.

I have a Bachelors in Engineering (Distinction, India) and a Masters in Business Management (Distinction, UK). I am also a qualified leadership coach, conduct training sessions in the UK, US, Germany and India, speak at Agile events and regularly blog on product management. I look forward to working with you.

Himani Tiwary

Product Coach and Trainer at Digital Skills Mastery (DSM)

Hello there,
Lovely to see you here. I am Himani, your product coach and trainer at Digital Skills Mastery. At DSM, we offer actionable resources, training programmes, and personalised coaching to enable you to achieve your desired career growth.

In my 15 years as a digital product professional, I have worked in a variety of different roles including business analyst, product owner, product consultant and head of product, all of which helps me understand your needs and workplace issues.

During this time, I have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the roles and responsibilities shared among diverse teams in multi-locations, having led international set-ups in the UK, US, Ireland, Hong Kong, India and Switzerland. At the DSM academy, I will share this workplace experience with you. It will cover delivering multimillion-pound digital products from strategy to launch, as well as advising start-up founders, CEOs and CTOs in executing digital product strategy.

In 2013, after over eight years in the corporate sphere, I started Product Hub Hob (PHH), the digital product management consultancy I run with Onkar in London. I lead the sales, marketing, and customer service side of our businesses, along with extensively doing content research & course creation work with Onkar. I cannot do this alone and rely on my team to help me out.

I believe a hands-on approach is beneficial in any workplace environment. That’s why it’s one of the cornerstones of our training approach and key to the skillset you will advance with from the DSM academy. Nothing beats the feeling of being skilled at something that helps you achieve your goals.

My goal is to help you maximise your potential by crafting a product management success blueprint while you train with us. I am an Electronics & Communication engineer (BIT Mesra, India), MBA graduate (SCMHRD, India) and NLP coach (UK).

I look forward to connecting with you.

Our Product Management Experience

Product Management Experience

Unlocking the power of product innovation with over 60 years of combined product experience! Team DSM brings together a wealth of expertise in product management, covering every step of the journey. From crafting winning strategies and conducting thorough market research to seamlessly launching groundbreaking digital products, we are your trusted partners in driving success. Let us transform your ideas into reality and propel your business to new heights. #ProductManagement #Innovation #DigitalStrategy

Digital Business Sector Experience

Digital Business Sector Experience Extraordinaires! Onkar and Himani, the dynamic duo behind DSM Leaders, have conquered the realms of finance, media, pharmaceuticals, hedge funds, publishing, commodities, fashion, agriculture, market research, eCommerce and MORE! Join us on this incredible journey of innovation and success in the digital business world. Let’s make waves together!

Digital Product Management Training Days

Our training programs, coaching webinars, and LIVE workshops have transformed countless individuals and teams, equipping them with the skills, tools, and strategies needed to launch and thrive in the fast-paced digital landscape. Join us on this transformative journey and elevate your product management prowess to new heights. Let’s shape the future of digital together!

International Experience

World explorers turned digital mavens! Onkar and Himani,  superheroes of the digital business sector, bring a global perspective to launching your digital products. With experience spanning from the vibrant streets of London to the bustling metropolis of New York, they’ve got you covered. They’ve mastered the art of launching digital products across diverse demographics,  with a client roster spanning from Europe to Hong Kong and India, their passion knows no boundaries. Join them on this exhilarating journey as they bring the world of digital innovation right to your fingertips. #GlobalDigitalLeaders.

Digital Products Launched

Unlocking digital success, one launch at a time. Team DSM is your trusted partner in the world of digital product development. With a proven track record across diverse sectors, we specialise in launching cutting-edge B2B and B2C solutions. From seamless ecommerce platforms to powerful backend applications, we take pride in streamlining workflows and propelling businesses forward. Let us guide you from automation to transformation, as we bring your digital vision to life with expertise and precision. Get ready to revolutionise your online product with Team DSM!

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