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Product Backlog

Himani Tiwary

1. What is a Product Backlog?

One of the most fundamental artefacts in Agile product management is the product backlog. In layman terms, this is the ‘list’ of items that needs to be done on a digital product. In this video, Onkar talks about the what, why and who of product backlog and the 5 benefits of creating a product backlog.

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Himani Tiwary

Founder & CPO | Lead Trainer | Digital Skills Mastery

Himani is the CEO & Founder of DSM and is an expert at bridging the gap between strategy and execution of multimillion-pound digital products across multiple countries worldwide. With 15+ years of international experience across the UK, US, Ireland, Hong Kong and India, she is responsible for bringing tech, design and strategy together to create human-centric digital products that solve digital world problems.

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