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1 Mar 2019

Agile SCRUM Retrospective Template for Digital Product

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The main purpose of the Agile retrospective is to get together as a team, at regular intervals, and do many of the following items as part of the project:

1) Share your personal experiences and thoughts

2) Highlight any significant matter, experience, thought, or anything relevant to the team

3) Listen to other team members

4) Participate in the Agile ceremony

5) Take notes on the actions you are supposed to pick up as a team member

6) Ask questions about anything related to the team, product, project you are involved with.

There could be anywhere between 5-10 members, give or take, in an Agile team. In order to have an effective session, the Scrum master will have a plan and agenda to run this session, and sometimes introduce some meaningful games to make it an interactive & fun session.

In essence, the retrospective would cover 4 main areas:

1. What went well in the last sprint?

2. What did not go well in the last sprint?

3. What we could do better in the next sprint?

4. List of Actions with owners

You can use this template to conduct your retrospective ceremony, in case you do not have software like JIRA/Confluence.

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Onkar Singh Lohtham | Founder & CPO | Lead Trainer

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