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22 Feb 2019

Can a Product Owner Manage Multiple Products?

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In theory, absolutely. There are a few factors that would determine whether it can happen in practice:

1. How mature are the skill sets of that product owner? Multi-tasking, managing multiple stakeholders, managing his/her throughput of deliverables across products, prioritise the tasks across product teams, etc.

2. How closely related are these products? Are they in the same business domain, serving similar customer personas, offering similar kind of services, solving similar kind of problems, possess similar cycles of release, supported by similar team structure, etc.? It would be probably easier if the similarities are higher and there are quite a lot of reusability across the strategy, design, definition, and delivery of these products.

3. Product team’s structure in the organisation. The above comments do not consider a fixed definition of a product owner, senior product owner, or product manager – few companies have different definitions for these roles. So, as a person, he/she could handle multiple products if the above factors were favourable. However, some companies might call that role by a different name.

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Onkar Singh Lohtham

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