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Onkar Singh Lohtham

Onkar is one of the most innovative and experienced agile practitioners and trainers in the world. He has helped organisations build £multi-million products/services & win awards. His passion lies in training on ‘how to’ implement unique road map & commercial strategies, manage complex backlogs and lead multi-product agile teams from inception to launch.

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What is a Digital Product? Differences from a Physical Product Explained.

In this video, we’re diving deep into the world of digital products and uncovering the 5 fundamental differences that make them stand out from their physical counterparts. (2 min. read)

What is the INVEST Principle for Writing User Stories?

Discover the secret to writing powerful user stories. Dive deep into the six elements of I.N.V.E.S.T. that will transform your requirements into effective communication tools. (7 min. video)

How to manage a Product Backlog

A key artefact for a product manager. Learn how to define and manage it for your product.

What Roles do Product Managers play while managing a Digital Product?

Discover the many hats of a product manager. Just like a salesperson, they persuade and pitch ideas. They’re the traffic cop, directing projects with precision. And when it comes to problem-solving, they become detectives. But that’s not all! Product managers also play the role of diplomats, negotiating and mediating between teams. They coach and mentor others, just like a seasoned professional. And as researchers, they dive deep into consumer insights.

Search Feature: Saved Search

Are you ready to take your product’s user experience to the next level? Discover the power of the ‘Saved Search’ feature and unlock a new level of convenience for your users. Dive into real-world examples from a B2C job site and a B2B publishing site to see how they’ve leveraged this functionality to enhance user engagement. (5 min. read)

Asana: Top Project Management Tool for Startup Companies

In this article, we unlock the power of Asana as an online project & task management tool and show you when to use it and how to benefit from it. Whether following a structured SDLC lifecycle or embracing the flexibility of Agile SCRUM, Asana empowers your team with seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows. (3 min. read)
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