to assess product goals and gaps
face-to-face workshop
1 hour per week
results-driven support
examples and exercises
Coaching & Agile Product Workshops for Startup Teams
  • FREE access for three months to the online learning portal
  • Lifetime membership to the closed-group product community
  • Access to trainer after the training programme
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Why get Coached on Agile Product Management as a Startup?
  • Juggling customers and investors, the market and the competition? Finding it hard to concentrate on delivering ROI amid all the chatter?
  • Are you keen to learn better, more efficient ways to define a MVP, which serves your existing customers and attracts new ones?
  • Would you like your team to develop an Agile Product mindset that sits at the crossroads between business, product, technology, and user experience?
  • Do you want to increase revenue, customers and retention rates by correctly prioritising and delivering items relevant to your customer and market?
  • Would you like to to wow your investors, customers and the market by delivering confident future product releases?
What will you achieve from CAPW training programme?

PRODUCT: You will be able to successfully define product roadmaps, manage multiple products/features, and handle continuous product releases

PEOPLE: Learn to manage challenging expectations from angel investors, venture capitalists (VCs) and senior management, while delivering your product

PERFORM: Get evidence-based results by enhancing your performance as well as your team’s throughput

PLAN: You will master the art of planning for yourself, your product and team

PROFIT: Leverage workshops and coaching to continuously fine tune your product strategy, release plan, marketing and communication

Who will benefit from CAPW training programme?

The Coaching & Agile Product Workshop (CAPW) training programme will benefit the following professional teams:

MASS-MARKET B2C STARTUPS: Startups building scalable products and services that everyone can use. Think Google, Uber, FaceBook, Twitter

NICHE TECHNOLOGY STARTUPS: Mobile-first, app-only products and services. Like Monzo (the London-based digital-only bank), Asana (business software to help teams collaborate on projects), Notable Labs (a drug-testing service to help oncologists identify actionable treatment options) and AI startups like Ablacon (real-time heart monitoring visualisation)

NICHE SOCIAL STARTUPS: Businesses with products and services that solve societal and environmental problems. NanoPix, which manufactures and sorts agricultural products on the basis of quality, colour and size by using low cost camera and computer algorithms, is one example and Open Bionics, which is working to bring down the cost of prosthetics with 3D printing, is another

NICHE PHYSICAL PRODUCT STARTUPS: These are teams who are fighting to improve and innovate physical products with the help of technology. Examples would be makers of Smart Home devices and Internet of Things (IoT) companies, PrecisionHawk (the drone data platform that caters specifically to the agriculture industry) and UBTECH Robotics (the AI and humanoid robotic company)

Your product team could comprise of any of these roles:

  • CXOs – Startup founders who also play the role of CTOs, CIOs, responsible for design, development and launch of their product and service.
  • Product manager
  • Product owner
  • Business analyst
  • Quality analyst
  • UI-UX and design professional
  • Data scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Project manager
What will be covered in CAPW training programme?
Product Management Lifecycle

You and your product management team will experience the full Product Management Lifecycle, its various phases and the milestones, which are applicable to your product and industry. We will work closely with you to understand your product, your processes, team challenges and team strengths before delivering a tailored training programme for you. You will be introduced to the four phases – Discover, Design, Define and Deliver.

The stage at which your product is at in the lifecycle will determine where you will start your work. This will affect your product work and how deeply you need to develop each phase. You will then be able to define a structured Product Management Framework for your product. Throughout the training programme, the trainer will provide relevant insights, suggestions and solutions pertaining to your product.

Value of A-T-A-R process in training programme

I truly believe a piano cannot be tuned in a day. Indeed, any new skill needs practice and a concerted effort in order to truly master it.

The digital skills applied in product management are no different. That’s why we have created a unique training programme to give you an opportunity to pick the skill sets you want to know, learn and master as a well-knit Product Management Team.

In this eight-week training programme, we will take you through the following phases:

ASSESS: An online assessment of your current skills using our trademark tool Wheel of Product(™). We will hold discovery workshops to help understand your product, process, challenges and goals.

TRAIN: A two-day hands-on face-to-face workshop covering all the practical aspects of your industry and product. We will use relevant examples of your product and industry to create deliverables for your team.

APPLY: Our coaching webinars are designed so you can apply your learnings to your product as a team. These sessions are designed to help you talk through any issues, ask questions, and seek advice from the product expert.

REINFORCE: These coaching webinars will enable you to focus on the key areas you want to master. The product coach will help you progress by sharing real-life product consulting experience.

You will also receive a Product team’s performance report – to help you plan your future OKR (Objective and Key Results) and take ownership of your product management practice.


Value-added items for you (Team size of 5+):
  • ASSESS: An expert will assess your current skills, help you define your team’s product management skill maturity and help you define your progress roadmap (worth £1,500).
  • TRAIN: The trainer will answer your product questions and help you develop your product game plan during the hands-on face-to-face bespoke workshop (worth £5,000).
  • APPLY: You will discuss your working case studies with the trainer in closed-group coaching sessions, learn best practices, and discuss your product-specific issues and solutions (4 sessions worth £3,000).
  • REINFORCE: The product coach will help you focus on your framework, your product goals, your team’s productivity and your growth strategy (2 sessions worth £1,500).
Bonus items for you:
  • BONUS#1: FREE access for three months to your company-specific online learning portal. You can access all the learning materials, download items you need, start a discussion, and collaborate with peers (worth £1,500).
  • BONUS#2: Lifetime membership to the closed-group product community. This mastermind group is the place to share, learn, and get advice on your career or product (Priceless).
  • BONUS#3: Access to the trainer post-programme. Onkar is very passionate about helping professionals attain their maximum potential, while also earning what they desire, and helping them rise to the top of their field. For that, he is always available to interact, answer questions, and offer advice (Now, this is truly priceless).
  • Total value of training programme: £12,500 (For 5+ people, 8 weeks)
    But as a startup team, you don’t have to pay that amount. The price will depend on size of your team and your current funding status. Click on Enquire Now for more details.

“Highly recommended. I attended Product Management training conducted by Onkar at Said Business School while doing my MBA. As someone who was looking to transition into a career in product management post MBA, this training was extremely helpful. Onkar provided great hands-on training on key principles of Product Management and Agile practices with real-life product examples. His training is relevant and useful for companies of any sizes, from startups to big organizations.”

Veena Krishnamurthy, Senior Product Manager, DAZN

“The session helped me get an overview of the activities involved in the product lifecycle. The learnings from the session are still afresh in my mind. I have been able to perform some quality work from the takeaways.”

Shailendra Nama, Product Manager, Technology | Supply Chain | Analytics | Product | Sports

“It was a great hands-on learning experience using examples of real-life digital products. I particularly enjoyed the session about cultivating an Agile mindset and the role teams must play in fostering this mindset in an organisation. Until recently, these were just buzzwords to me, but now I understand how to apply these Agile principles in product management.”

Rohit Kumar, Sr. Vendor Manager, Amazon
Clients Served
Our Product Management Experience

Consulting Years

Our team has a varied product management experience in Strategy, Persona, Business analysis, UX, Delivery, Tech & Data analytics


Business Sectors

Finance, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Commodities, Fashion, Agriculture, Market research & more


Training Days

Face-to-face engagement with stakeholders while delivering products, training teams, and launching products


International Cities

Conducted sessions across: London, New York, Amsterdam, Nuremberg, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Dublin, & Bristol


Products Launched

B2B & B2C online products offering Faceted search, Insights, E-commerce, CMS workflows, Analytics & more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the duration of CAPW training programme?

‘Coaching & Agile Product Workshops (CAPW) for StartupTeams’ training programme is 8 weeks long:

  • Week 1: Online assessment [1 hour]
  • Week 2: Two-day face-to-face workshop [Timing: 9 am to 5 pm]
  • Weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6: At your pace, applying your learning in your job. One ‘Apply’ coaching webinar per week (1 to 2 hours, dependant on participants’ questions and engagement)
  • Weeks 7 and 8: One ‘Reinforce’ coaching webinar per week (1 to 2 hours, dependant on participants’ questions and engagement)

2. Who is the trainer?

Our in-house lead trainer is Onkar Singh Lohtham – Founder & CPO of Product Hub Hob (PHH). He has over 15 years’ experience in digital product management.

Onkar is one of the most innovative and experienced Agile practitioners and trainers in the world. He has helped organisations build multimillion products/services and win awards. His passion lies in the training of unique road map and commercial strategy implementation, complex backlog problem solving and lead multi-product agile team management from inception to launch. Onkar has worked across global locations including London, New York, Amsterdam, Dublin, Delhi, and Hong Kong. His domain experience includes Publishing, Financial Services, Fashion, Commodities, Online Recruitment and Digital.

Onkar has researched on more than 18 live projects to create the models, tools and techniques, which he will share in the training. His pioneering approach works to combine the art and science of product management, in turn increasing a product’s profitability. As your product coach, he will guide you on your training journey and won’t rest until you reach your desired goals. He regularly blogs on product management, speaks at Agile events and conducts corporate training in London and New York.

Read more on About us page.

3. What is the Online learning tool?

As part of enrolling in the CAPW programme, you will also have 3-months FREE access to online learning portal – Where you can access all the learning materials, download it, start a discussion with your peers, ask questions that will be answered by your lead trainer, collaborate with peers. You will get your username and password to access the online portal after completing the face-to-face workshop.

4. When will I get the course completion certificate?

A course completion certificate is issued within 1 week of finishing your training programme. The certificate will be emailed to you.

5. Can I put the course completion certificate on my LinkedIn profile?

Yes, we recommend you to add your certification as part of your accomplishments in your LinkedIn profile. Here are the suggested steps to do that:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account, then go to your profile.
  2. On the right, in the Add profile section dropdown, choose Background and then select the +next to Licenses & Certifications.
  3. In Name, enter the name of the course or program.
  4. In Issuing Organization, enter “Digital Skills Mastery”.
  5. (Optional) In Issue Date, enter the time period during which you earned the certification.
  6. (Optional) Select the checkbox > This certification does not expire.
  7. You can leave the Credential ID field empty.
  8. In Certification URL, enter <the URL for your certificate>

6. What is included in this training programme?

1) Assess: An assessment of your product’s current phase and goals as soon as you enrol in the programme.

2) Train: Two-day face-to-face workshop discussing about your product, its challenges, and solutions.

4) Apply:  Four interactive ‘Apply’ coaching webinar sessions.

5) Reinforce: Two interactive ‘Reinforce’ coaching webinar sessions.

6) Bonus #1: FREE access for three months to the online learning portal. You can access all the learning materials, download items you need, start a discussion, and collaborate with peers.

7) Bonus #2: Lifetime membership to the closed-group product community. This mastermind group is the place to share, learn, and get advice on your career or product.

8) Bonus #3: Access to the trainer post-programme. Onkar is very passionate about helping professionals attain their maximum potential, while also earning what they desire, and helping them rise to the top of their field. For that, he is always available to interact, answer questions, and offer advice.

7. How I get in touch with you?

  • The quickest way is to use the contact us form on the website OR,
  • Email us at: info@digitalskillsmastery.com

8. What is your cancellation and refund policy?

If you have to cancel your booking, please email us at info@digitalskillsmastery.com

It’s critically important to let us know as soon as you are unable to attend training – whether it’s a month away or the day before the training. When we know that you are unable to attend, we can work with you to find the best solution for making up for the training programme. However, if you do not notify us before the start of the training programme, you will be marked as a no-show and we will be unable to refund the payment.

We will not honour transfers of training programmes marked as a no-show. If we receive your notification at least 14 working days before the start of the training programme and if we are able to rebook your place, we will offer you a full refund less 10% administration fee (plus VAT).  If we are unable to fill your place, the full fee remains payable.  Alternatively, you may nominate someone who attends on your behalf, as long as you notify us about the substitution prior to the training programme.

You may cancel the training programme within 14 days of buying in order to get a full refund.

Cancellation by DSM:

DSM reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a public course. In the unlikely event that this happens, we will make every effort to accommodate delegates on an alternative course or refund payment in full.  Please note that we will not reimburse any travel and accommodation expenses. Travel and accommodation are not included in the price of the course.

9. What team size attend the CAPW training programme?

We aim to have 15 to 30 attendees of the product team that allows us to give you complete focus on individual questions and maximise participation. The CAPW training programme is taught as an instructor-led workshop followed by online interactive webinars with an appropriate mix of lecture, discussion and hands-on exercises.

10. Do I have to prepare anything before the programme starts?

When you enrol, we will give you all the information required for you to get ready for the training programme.

Module 1:Welcome to CAPW training programme

4 Lectures

Intro to ASSESS phase

Intro to TRAIN phase

Intro to APPLY phase

Intro to REINFORCE phase

Module 2:ASSESS phase - Product team's assessment

4 Lectures

Online skills assessment questionnaire

Who is a product manager and what do they do?

Key elements of digital product management

Summary of product team's challenges & goals

Module 3:TRAIN phase - DISCOVER (Assess the product idea)

9 Lectures

4-D Product management lifecycle

Benchmarking exercise using Wheel of Product™ (As-Is)

Intro to The 4-Quadrant™ model - Product placement in product/market matrix

Application of The 4-Quadrant™ model

Intro to Hexa-force Discovery™ model - Which market forces effect your product?

Exercise Workbook - Hexa-force Discovery™ model

Exercises based on Your product and peer industry products

Client persona and market research

Business case and vision of product

Module 4:TRAIN phase - DISCOVER (Build product strategy)

7 Lectures

Intro to Key Results Pyramid™ model - Define product goals, KRAs (Key Result Areas)

Application of Key Results Pyramid™ model

Exercise on Key Results Pyramid™ model

Define High-level Product roadmap

Exercise Workbook - Define product's Goals & KRAs

Exercises based on Your product and peer industry products

Benchmarking exercise using Wheel of Product™ (Discover)

Module 5:TRAIN phase - DESIGN (Conduct business analysis)

10 Lectures

Intro to Inverse Pyramids™ model - Deep dive into the heart of user & data analysis

Application of Inverse Pyramids™ model

Exercise on Inverse Pyramids™ model

Define Actors & User journeys

Sketch wirframes and mock-ups using Axure

Define business process flow maps

Define Entities & their relationships

Define Content & its management

Define Data and its attributes

Exercises based on Your product and peer industry products

Module 6:TRAIN phase - DESIGN (Build product roadmap)

8 Lectures

How to run Requirements gathering workshop

Intro to Product Evolution Tracker™ - How to track your product's evolution & releases?

Exercise on Product Evolution Tracker™

Define Product Backlog

Breakdown of backlog into epics & User stories

Define the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Exercises based on Your product and peer industry products

Benchmarking exercise using Wheel of Product™ (Design)

Module 7:TRAIN phase - DEFINE (Write user stories)

8 Lectures

How to write brilliant user stories

Intro to User story writer™ model

Define acceptance criteria

Exercises based on Your product and peer industry products

Exercise Workbook - Write user story for Functional requirements

Exercise Workbook - Write user story for Non-Functional requirements

Exercise Workbook - Write user story for Workflow systems

Exercise Workbook - Write Technical user story

Module 8:TRAIN phase - DEFINE (Priotise product backlog)

5 Lectures

Intro to Product Customer Corner™ model - Prioritisation techniques

How to do product backlog prioritisation?

Exercises based on Your product and peer industry products

Flipchart exercise on Product backlog prioritisation

Benchmarking exercise using Wheel of Product™ (Define)

Module 9:TRAIN phase - DELIVER (Manage Agile process)

9 Lectures

Introduction to Agile-SCRUM framework

Roles & responsibilities in Agile-SCRUM framework

Introduction to Agile manifesto

What are Agile ceremonies?

How to leverage Agile ceremonies for efficient product delivery?

Introduction to Personality Archetypes

How to manage stakeholders based on personality?

How to manage your days & weeks as a product manager?

How to steer decision making and consensus building?

Module 10:TRAIN phase - DELIVER (Prepare product release)

12 Lectures

Introduction to Product Launch Framework

How to prepare for your product's GO LIVE?

Agile delivery - Concepts to know

What is post-launch retrospective?

How to define success metrics and meausre post-launch?

How to communicate with stakeholders?

How to get stakeholder buy-in for product releases?

How to plan & predict future product releases?

Benchmarking exercise using Wheel of Product™ (Deliver)

What are the elements of Product pricing?

What are the product marketing tasks?

How to manage internal product training, creation of user manuals?

Module 11:APPLY phase - Coaching webinars (4 sessions)

6 Lectures

Discussion on product team's homework

Discussion on individual case studies

Detailed Q&A with product team's participants

Define next set of tasks to implement learnings

How to leverage Online learning portal

Sessions to include topics like Product retirement, User research, Product KPIs etc.

Module 12:REINFORCE phase - Coaching webinars (2 sessions)

4 Lectures

Discussion on Top focus areas of participants

Discussion on individual case studies

Detailed Q&A with product team's participants

Define your success plan for the next 3 to 6 months

Module 13:BONUSES

3 Lectures

FREE access for three months to the online learning portal

Lifetime membership to the closed-group product community of peers

Access to the trainer post-programme to answer questions